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AAHA'S Education Programs & Services

AAHA's Education Program works with 2nd and 3rd generation landowner’s descendants, collaborating with organizations that promote HBCU tours and funds students participation. We provide education and resources on how to find college scholarships and provide scholarships to support tuition.


Funding to

Attend College

Couple Friends

AAHA assists students in acquiring the funding to attend Historically Black College Universities (HBCU).

High School Student


HBCU College Tours

AAHA hosts selected high school students for an educational and cultural experience through traveling with HBCU College Tours. Apply Today!


AAHA Scholarship Program


AAHA’s scholarship program will aid in funding tutoring programs and tuition. We will also assist in identifying additional college scholarships.  



Biology Class

To assist in educating 2nd and 3rd generation Land owners in the importance of Generational Wealth and Support their accessing the ''RELEVANT" education to perpetuate their legacy. AAHA has identified some of those fields of study as:

  1. Legal Profession - Attorney

  2. Business Administration

  3. Urban Planning

  4. Architecture

  5. Advanced Farming Techniques

  6. Climate Change Technology

         a. Solar, Wind, Electricity, etc.

   7. Computer Science - IT and AI education

   8. Veterinarian Medicine

A Young Man in the Library



The African American Heir Association envisions future generations of African Americans that Retain, Maintain and Benefit from the legacy of their forefathers. AAHA will become a major national influence in quality trained and empowered descendants of landowners, particularly in under-resourced communities.

Education Is The Key To Freedom!

The African American Heir Association  dedicates itself to educating and empowering African American descendants and all future generations! 

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