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Meet AAHA's Founder & CEO



The African American Heir Association's (AAHA,) mission is to educate and assist African American Heirs and landowners in understanding and creating generational wealth. 


Increased Social Justice news coverage in America has recently raised awareness and prompted a more sensitive environment, where citizens of all ethnicities are examining the rights and opportunities of all other US citizens. 


Historically publicized land inequities and human tragedies occurred in Black Wall Street (Tulsa, Oklahoma), the Shelton Settlement (Rome, Georgia) and Bruce Beach (Manhattan Beach, California) have heightened awareness of land loss realities.


The message that is being written and studied includes the history of how African Americans have lost their lands. In 1910 African Americans owned more than 16 million acres of land and today own less than 4 million acres. Much of this tremendous loss of land was caused by systematic, discriminating factors beyond the control of African American landowners. 


AAHA advocates self-directed reparation participation. The African American landowners are encouraged to do everything possible to prepare for success as we seek equitable treatment from the government, USDA, corporate contracts, and or reasonable financing opportunities. Climate change awareness and favorable financing allocated through the inflation reduction act hopefully will provide opportunities for Heir property owners. 


AAHA'S vision includes supporting the college education of the descendants. 2nd and 3rd generation Landowners, to ensure not only retention of heir property but also the creation of Generational Wealth.


Sincerely anticipating and working for success, 

Marvin S. Finley

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