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Phase II - Pre Development

In Phase II the land owner is encouraged and assisted in developing the preliminary property development plan. The highest best and most profitable uses of the land are evaluated. Predevelopment questions are addressed, such as legal description, survey status of the taxes, zoning requirements of the city, county and state.  Characteristics of the property concerning topography, access to water and all of any utilities are researched. 

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Green Fields

Clearing Your Land's Title: Landowners' Responsibility

Retention of the land remains an issue and AAHA participates in encouraging and educating the landowners in estate planning. 

  • Preparing last wills and testament directing how property will be distributed upon their death.

  • Heirs property owners need a last will and testament even if they only own a fractional interest to avoid compounding the problem.

  • Preparing advanced directives for healthcare and financial powers of attorney

  • Corporate opportunities are explored:

  • Farming  ranching and food chain issues. 

  • Corporate leases, installations and development. 

  • Climate change issues such as solar and wind farm installations.

  • Residential  commercial and recreational development. 

  • Corporate contracts such as supplying goods for retail and wholesale companies




Financial opportunities:

  • AAHA will assist with connecting you with low and or zero interest loans

  • Special loans for additional land purchases

  • Collaborative financing opportunities


Early predevelopment conclusions will guide the land owner and AAHA in collaborating with additional development specialists.




self-directed reparation

economic empowerment including generational wealth reacts best to helping those who help themselves

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